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As a highly-targeted, niche job board with a narrow focus on employment opportunities in hospital PICUs nationwide, Locate PICU Jobs provides a unique opportunity for both healthcare job candidates and employers. Though the jobs posted to the site focus on opportunities in pediatric intensive care units, there are naturally a variety of PICU job listings that fall into this broader category. Pediatric specialists, including pediatricians, resident physicians, nurses and CNAs and other healthcare professionals form the basis for a highly-functional hospital PICU, and career opportunities are readily available for PICU managers, nurses and physicians as well as technicians and organ-specific medical specialists. For candidates, the Locate PICU Jobs website offers an excellent resource to regularly search always-updated PICU job search listings. Applying to PICU jobs through the site is easy and direct, with employers offering various means of direct contact that make the application and inquiry process as personalized as possible. Employers can take advantage of the targeted nature of this PICU job board by posting jobs and attracting talented and highly-qualified medical job candidates. Posting PICU jobs to the site is easy and highly cost-effective both because of the higher percentage of candidate matches resulting from the site's clear focus and the rather inexpensive price of posting jobs. We invite both would-be employees and healthcare recruiters and hiring managers to utilize Locate PICU Jobs for their online job search and talent recruitment needs.

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